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Launch of Post Graduate Program in Aviation Operations & Management

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

From Left to Right - Dr. Shivaprasad, Mr. Somasundaram, Dr. Hemanth Kumar, Mr. Amogh, Dr. Sharieff, Mr. Sajit T C, Mr. Vishwanath Hampanna, Capt. Vaibhav Suresh, Mr. Satish Kumar and Dr. Kulkarni

CMS Business School, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) in collaboration with Aeroscientia LLP has launched a One-year Post Graduate Program in Aviation Operations and Management. The launch event was held on 4th March 2021 at 1020 am at the CMS Business School campus on 17, Sheshadri Road, Gandhinagar, Bengaluru.

A unique, first-of-a-kind One-year, virtual Post Graduate Program in Aviation Operations and Management is designed for Pilots, Cabin crew, Ground Staff and for all the Aviation personnel and aspirants out there who due to their hectic work schedules have not been able to continue their education.

Left to right- Dr. Kulkarni, Mr. Sajit T C, Dr. Dinesh Nilkant

The Program was launched by Mr. Sajit T C, Chief Human Resources Officer, Bengaluru International Airport. The launch event was attended by industry experts from various Aviation and Aerospace organizations.

This innovative program, delivered by a combination of industry and management experts will equip participants with the tools required in Operations, Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Quality, Supply Chain Management, Regulatory Framework, Safety Management Systems in the aviation and aerospace sector. This Program is envisioned to inculcate leadership qualities and enable critical, creative and analytical skills through an industry based, skill focused training which will help employees and companies excel to greater heights.

The job roles are shifting faster than ever. For every aviation aspirant and professional, it’s time to go back to the drawing board, to upskill, cross-kill and reskill themselves. Gone are the days where they were expected to be an expert at one thing. Traditional thought processes are being extremely fragmented and new types of ecosystems are precipitously evolving. It is paramount for us to unfold and progress. Being adaptive and increasing the lateral scope is the only way to become indispensable in the industry.

Today, the more number of skills we have, the better we stand out in the market. It is crucial for the personnel to have the ability to not just move up the ladder, but also laterally. This is also a great opportunity for aviation and aerospace companies to invest in their employee’s growth and potential and enable them to be informed opinion leaders who inspire people with their contemporary ideas. With many online portals emerging, learning can be done from the comfort of their homes and at convenience while continuing to work. By providing comfortable learning options, CMS B School and Aeroscientia are not just offering continuing education programs but creating a movement. A movement which will manufacture a unique mindset, and an evolved approach to careers.

Aviation, one of the fastest growing industries, yet, one of the most complex, has been one of the worst hits sector due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, India, having one of the largest Aviation markets in the world is projected to make a V-Shaped recovery and there will be prominent opportunities for personnel who can fill multiple roles. This roadblock has taught us to introspect and become more effective. Aviation being an extremely glamourous sector has attracted talents over the last couple of decades. Tens of thousands of aviation aspirants look to start their career in aviation every year.

Innovation, Upskilling and an ability to solve problems are the most prized skills in today’s economy. Keep learning, keep growing!

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